Putin: Russia will further develop relations with African countries

Putin: Russia will further develop relations with African countries

China News Agency, Moscow, June 3 (Reporter Tian Bing) Russian President Putin met with the rotating chairman of the African Union, Senegal President Maki Salle on the 3rd, and Musa Faki Mohammed, chairman of the African Union Committee meet. The two sides discussed the coordination and cooperation between Russia and the African Union, including expanding political dialogue and economic and humanitarian cooperation. According to the Kremlin website, Putin said that the trade volume of Russia and Africa is growing, and the trade volume in the first few months of this year has increased by more than 34%.

Russia has worked hard to develop humanitarian relations with African countries, and African culture has also received widespread attention in Russia.

Putin emphasized that Russian -Africa relations are in a new stage of development, and Russia attaches great importance to relations with African countries.

The role of Africa on the international stage is constantly increasing.

African countries have traditional friendly relations with Russia, and Africa has broad development prospects. Russia will further develop relations with African countries. Maki Sale said that Russia played a huge role in the independence movement of the African continent, hoping to expand cooperation in various fields including bilateral cooperation. Maki Salle pointed out that Africa was the victim of Russia and Ukraine.

Western sanctions on Russia make African countries unable to obtain food and fertilizer, which has a serious threat to African food security. He called for sanctions against Russia in the international supply field of food and fertilizer.